AUTENTICO® Vintage Furniture Paint
Product Description:
Autentico® Vintage is a high quality real chalk paint designed to provide your much loved furniture with a new lease of life. This soft, porous paint creates an open system perfect for creative techniques. It’s depth of colour and matt finish help to tone down any surface imperfections. Autentico® Vintage is low VOC and EN71-3 compliant. 
Interior Furniture. Creative Techniques. 
Suggested Applications:
Can be applied to wood, PVC, metal, glass and a wide range of other surfaces that have been prepared.
Substrate should be dry, clean and stable as well as free from dirt, grease, mould or any other loose materials. For best results, always clean prior to painting with Autentico Omniclean. Sand glossed surfaces and plastic surfaces to create a “key” for best adhesion. Use Autentico Bio-Strip to remove wax residue if required.
Use Autentico Metal Primer to prevent corrosion.
Autentico® Primer may be required in preparation when Autentico Vintage is applied to woods which contain tannins such as oak, pine and mahogany, as the tannins can be susceptible to bleed through causing discolouration. 
Stir well prior to use. Apply two coats (or as required) with brush, spray or a short pile roller. 
Drying Times:
Touch dry in 30 minutes.  Allow minimum of 1-hour drying time between coats. (Drying times may vary dependent on temperature and surface).
Coverage Rates:
Covers approximately between 8-13 m2 depending on surface profile and porosity.
Autentico® Vintage is available is 100ml, 1 litre and 2.5 litre.
Colour Range:
Choose from our colour palette of 150 deep and rich colours.
All Autentico products should not be applied in high humidity, below 10°C or above 30°C. 
Keep in a cool dry place. Away from risk of frost.
Cleaning and Disposal:
Remove excess from tools and mixing vessels before washing in warm soapy water. Do not dispose of excess paint in drains and water courses.
Environmental Information:
Our processes are zero waste and all paint formulations are designed for minimum impact on user health. 
Contains 9g/L VOC (European *Decopaint* Directive (2004/42/EC). Max allowed (Cat A/a) is 30g/L). Autentico Paint uses only the finest quality, low odour and minimal environmental impact raw materials. EN71-3 compliant: Safe to use on children’s furniture and other juvenile products. EUH208: Contains Chloromethylisothiazolineon & Methylisothiazolineon (3:1). May produce an allergic reaction. EUH210 - Safety data sheet available on request.

Health and Safety:
If in contact with eyes, rinse immediately with warm water with eye lids open for at least 10 minutes. 
Complimentary products:
Autentico® Primer for preparation and Matt Varnish, waxes, Crackle Glaze and Craquelure for finishes and special effects.
Manufacturers Details: