AUTENTICO® Versante Paint (Eggshell)
Product Description:
Autentico® Superior Eggshell is a high quality water-based paint designed to provide a long lasting, elegant finish with superior coverage and beautiful depth of colour. 
This outstanding paint has sheen of 15%, providing more creative choices without overwhelming. Autentico® Superior Eggshell is UV resistant and low in VOC. Its built-in moisture control features make it perfect for exterior surfaces and interior areas with increased humidity such as kitchens, bathroom walls and furniture. 
Interior and exterior
Suggested Applications:
Can be applied to plaster, plasterboard, wood, masonry, PVC, metal and a wide range of other surfaces that have been prepared.
Make sure substrates are dry, clean and stable as well as free from dirt, grease, mould or any other loose materials. Cleaning with Autentico Omniclean is recommended. 
With regard to new plaster do not proceed with application until all unpainted plaster has thoroughly set and dried. 
A strong sanding is recommended on all surfaces and apply a coat of Autentico® Primer for best adhesion.
When applying to metal, use Autentico Metal Primer developed to prevent metal from rusting. 
Stir well prior to use. Apply two coats or as required with brush, spray or a short pile roller. 
Drying Times:
Touch dry in 30 minutes.  Allow minimum of 4-hour drying time between coats. (Drying times may vary dependent on temperature, surface profile and porosity).
Covers approximately between 8-13 m2 depending on surface profile and porosity.
Autentico® Superior Eggshell is available in: 500ml, 1 litre, 2.5 litre.
Colour Range:
Choose from our colour palette of 150 deep and rich colours.
All Autentico products should not be applied in high humidity, below 10°C or above 30°C. 
Keep in a cool dry place. Away from risk of frost.
Cleaning and Disposal:
Remove excess from tools and mixing vessels before washing in warm soapy water. Do not empty containers into drains or watercourses.
Environmental Information:
Contains 23 g/L VOC (European *Decopaint* Directive (2004/42/EC) Value limits of the EU for this product (VOC 2010) : 40 g/l . Autentico Paint uses only the finest quality, low odour and minimal environmental impact raw materials. EN71-3 compliant: Safe to use on children’s furniture and other juvenile products. EUH208: - Contains chloromethylisothiazolineon & methylisothiazolineon (3:1), bis(1,2,2,6,6-pentamethyl-4-piperidyl)sebacate, Hydroxyphenylbenzotriazol (Mixture) . May produce an allergic reaction. EUH210 - Safety data sheet available on request.
Health and Safety:
Keep out of reach of children. If in contact with eyes, rinse immediately with warm water consistently with eye lids open for at least 10 minutes. 
Manufacturers Details: