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After Rain

After Rain

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Autentico After Rain 



Autentico Versante is a versatile, all-in-one paint that provides easy application with minimum preparation and a perfect finish on almost any surface, indoors or out. It contains a built-in UV filter that protects against fading and offers a Scrub class-I certificate for safety, even for kids. Available in Matt and Eggshell, Versante is perfect for painting kitchens and bathrooms, upcycling furniture, and even tricky surfaces like glass, ceramic, plastic, etc.


Truly highlighting The Charm of Chalk, Autentico Vintage Furniture paint is the master in its class. It is highly porous, rich in colour and perfect to use with our range of decorative products. 

It is a genuine chalk paint, we use more than 35% refined chalk in our Vintage furniture paint. 

  • Vintage is porous, you need to protect it with one of our waxes or with deco varnish;
  • Because Vintage is porous, it is suitable to perform all kinds of decorative techniques, such as sanding through, create crackles with Crackle Glaze or Craquelure or mix it with Glaze;
  • Vintage covers 10-15 m2, depending on surface profile and porosity;
  • It doesn't need much preparation. Just make sure the surface you are painting on is solid and free of grease;
  • In case of doubt, apply a coat of stainblocking primer before painting with Vintage. Particularly, when painting wood sensitive to bleeding through (oak, pine, chestnut)
  • Vintage is also the perfect base to use when starting painting with Venice or Volterra lime paint

         Colour experience always depends on surface profile and porosity. Whilst every effort is made to achieve colour accuracy for our online swatches, differences between display screens means colour accuracy cannot be guaranteed.                                      

         We recommend purchasing a sample in your chosen colour and finish to test.




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